Thunderplugs Pro, Switchable Filter Earplugs



The Thunderplugs Propack blister pack contains two Thunderplugs earplugs, including both 26 decibel and 18 decibel filters as well as an aluminum carry case with a keychain attachment.

  • 26db and 18db volume reduction with even frequency response
  • Ribbed for your protection (and comfort!)
  • No sound distortion
  • Discreet and barely visible
  • Long lasting and reusable

The Thunderplugs Propack Blister pack contains everything you need to protect yourself from noise induced hearing loss. The filters have noise reduction ratings of 18 decibels, and 26 decibels with an even frequency response that keeps the music sounding great while reducing the overall volume. Thunderplugs are the perfect companion for festivals, concerts, raves, or when practicing or playing music.

Noise induced hearing loss: causes and prevention

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when the volume is turned up too high. Sounds can be harmful, even for a brief time, or when they are both loud and long-lasting. Sound is measured in units called decibels (dB), and sounds above 80 dB can already be harmful. Above 100 dB there is an immediate risk. In live music, in clubs and at festivals, however, the volume is often higher than 100 dB. Using Thunderplugs, you protect your hearing and music still sounds great! So, if you are looking for quality hearing protection, you have come to the right place.

Thunderplugs: quality and protection

Thunderplugs meet all quality and safety requirements defined by the EU and the US, and are tested and certified according to EN 352-2 standard and ANSI. With Thunderplugs you can safely enjoy music.


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